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Bluesky has years of success acquiring imagery for airport projects to meet FAA Advisory Circular 150-5300-17c specifications.  Our experienced photogrammetrists have extensive experience collecting & delivering to AGIS airport mapping which meets the specifications of FAA AC 150-5300-18b. 

The Col-East team has produced airport airspace obstruction information and topographical mapping for both domestic and international airports across the northeastern US. Orthophotos created from the high resolution aerial photo and completed for the entire airport property and surrounding airspace area give airport administrators unparalleled information on their facilities.  Airport data is submitted to AGIS in AutoCAD Civil or ArcGIS format in accordance with current FAA Advisory Circular specifications. 


More and more airport authorities are also beginning to use LiDAR data as a source of information to aid in the obstruction analysis. Col-East use the most advanced LiDAR equipment available, giving high accuracy point density in the shortest time.  LiDAR will help in the creation of an highly accurate surface model for contour generation and ortho generation, whilst offering time saving.  



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