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As concerns for the environment grow, color infrared photography (CIR) offers us a wealth of information on the health and state of the vegetation.


Used in conjunction with other geo-spatial data it can assist in the making of informed decisions about vegetation and the environment.


The Near Infrared data is collected Vexcel UltraCam Eagle at the same time as the visible (RGB) data. The color infrared image, is then generated from near infrared spectral band and the reg and green bands. This is then processed in a similar manner to the aerial photography. The data is stored in an uncompressed format to ensure the integrity of the colour information. The data can then be used to generate indicesis such as NDVI.


  • Up to 10cm Resolution


  • Same XY RMSE accuracy as aerial photography


  • Available in uncompressed TIFF format


  • Rapid capture

  • NDVI available


  • Compatible with other GIS data


  • Corresponding Aerial Photography


  • Crop Management


  • Environmental Monitoring


  • Coastal Management


  • Determine Foliage Health


  • Identify Surface Materials


  • Afforestation & Deforestation Studies

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