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Aerial photography continues to play a vital role across a variety of disciplines, whether it be environmental management, urban planning, or network analysis. Now more than ever it is part of everyday life through online mapping portals, and extensive use in both printed and digital media.

Bluesky's archive of high resolution aerial photography is readily converted to accurate and detailed orthophotos that are GIS ready.  The archive covers much of southern New England and dates from 1948 to the present day. 


  • Very High Resolution as high as 2cm

  • Exceptional degree of accuracy

  • True Ortho as standard

  • Full triangulation with ground control


  • Available in JPG, TIF, ECW, KMZ etc

  • RGB and CIR available

  • GIS Ready


  • Town Planning & Enforcement 


  • Property & Facilities Management


  • Landuse Classification & Analysis


  • Environmental Monitoring


  • Flood Mapping


  • 3D Visualisation



from 25cm to 2cm GSD



RMSE up to 5cm



Bluesky is one of the leading suppliers of aerial survey services in the northeastern US and offers the most up to date and advanced aerial survey equipment.


Whatever your application, Bluesky have your area of interest covered. We are specialists in the acquisition and processing of aerial photography, and in the creation of high quality digital imagery products. Col-East are committed to investing in the latest capture and production technologies, and by doing this we ensure the aerial photography products and services we provide are market leading.


Bluesky have a catalog of regional aerial photography, fully available on demand covering much of the New England area. All our photography can be fully orthorectified, and is the most comprehensive and widely used aerial photography in the New England area. We are continually refreshing our coverage through our cyclic update program, giving our photography unparalleled currency.

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Bluesky is one of the leading suppliers of aerial survey services in the UK and offers the most up to date and advanced aerial survey equipment. Taking a fresh approach to aerial survey, we have built our processes and workflows from scratch, based on new and cutting edge methods.


We are able to offer you full aerial survey service. from flight planning to getting permissions to conducting the flight and processing the data in our advanced UK processing centre.

Bluesky aerial photo equipment comprises Vexcel UltraCam Eagles and a PhaseOne survey cameras. They are all fitted with Inertial Navigation System (INS) incorporating Applanix IMU and GPS systems. Flight planning is conducted in a range of aerial survey industry standard software. The UltraMount ensures the very best and stable platform for aerial photography.


Our team of flight operations experts, ground support and data processors give you peace of mind that the aerial survey data you need is being captured by industry leading professionals and technology. Resulting data is perfect for orthophoto, photogrammetry and stereo compilation.

Call to discuss your requirements


Email to discuss your requirements



Microsoft Vexcel UltraCam Eagle

with UltraMount



Optech Galaxy

LiDAR Airborne LiDAR system



Optech LW640 Thermal Camera

(integrated with our Optech Galaxy)

Our survey aircraft is based in western Massachusetts, giving us access to all corners of the New England, New York, Pennsylvania, and beyond.


Whether you need ultra-high resolution aerial photography for detailed mapping, or medium format aerial survey of your area of interest, we have the right solution. Utilising both large format and medium format cameras, and with the ability to capture simultaneous LiDAR data, we can ensure the data you receive is perfect for your application. Data can be provided as raw frames with calibration information for you to conduct any onward processing in house, or we can undertake full orthorectification for you from our state of the art production centre. Additional mapping and photogrammetry services are available.

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