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topographic mapping boston
Topographic mapping
Topographic mapping
Topographic mapping


Bluesky provides a number of mapping and imagery products, ranging from standard topographical mapping to terrain models, orthophotos, volumetrics, and aeronautical mapping and obstacle analysis. From simple woodlots to stockpiles to complex transportation corridors to aeronautical mapping and analysis, Bluesky has a cost-effective mapping solution.

Topographic mapping and GIS in particular play a vital role in the decision-making processes in an ever increasing sphere, areas as diverse as transportation, urban planning, environment, resource management and health.  The users of topographic and GIS data are just as diverse as its many uses, including local and national government, emergency services, security, military, agriculture, forestry, utilities, telecommunications.

Products can range from topographic CAD drawings to richly attributed geodatabases populated with TINs, rasters and vector data with topological rules enforcing data integrity allowing for numerous complex analysis to be performed, producing outputs to help solve diverse geospatial queries. Your project can be delivered in a variety of different formats too, from AutoCAD (DWG) to the latest version of Civil 3D and specialist GIS formats. We can utilize your specific CAD template and build Civil surfaces, streamlining your workflow. Other formats include LandXML, SHP, SDF, DGN & DXF.

Bluesky has an expert, in-house team of experienced photogrammetrists, allowing us to undertake high-end mapping and data creation to detailed specifications from up-to-date high resolution aerial photography. Even the photography can be flown to your own specification. Our services include:


Topographic Mapping

Using high resolution digital stereo aerial photography, our team can produce topographic mapping to a scale and specification commensurate with your project requirements. We can undertake updates to your in-house topographic maps commensurate with MassDOT and RIDOT standards, or create high detail mapping up to 1:240 scale for engineering and infrastructure projects, dependent upon the availability and resolution of the base data required.


Utilities and Asset Mapping

Accurate mapping of our utility networks is critical, and using a combination of aerial photography and LiDAR, Col-East can create accurate maps that identify and locate some of our most important electricity, water and gas assets. Clients can provide a tailored specification for our team of experts to work to.

Land Use Mapping

Using aerial photography and Colour Infrared (CIR) imagery, which can be captured to order, we can undertake detailed analysis to identify specific land use and levels of land cover. Extracted information is provided as GIS ready layer, and we can undertake the mapping to any client supplied specification.

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