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Welcome to Bluesky

Who we are...

Bluesky specializes in providing the Northeastern United States with high quality aerial photography and photogrammetric mapping and LiDAR products and services. Formerly known as Col-East, which was founded in 1952, we have earned a reputation for quality, customer service, and timeliness.  Headquartered in North Adams, Massachusetts, we are well located to provide fast response to our customers throughout the Northeastern US, and farther afield, for their photographic and mapping needs. For more information on our products or for a quote, please contact us today.

Bluesky is a globally renowned provider of aerial survey and mapping products and is the leading aerial survey and GIS data company in the UK and Republic of Ireland



Bluesky provides a number of mapping and GIS products, ranging from standard topographical mapping to terrain models, orthophotos, volumetrics, and aeronautical mapping and obstacle analysis. 

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Bluesky is one of the leading suppliers of aerial survey services in the Northeastern US and offers the most up to date and advanced aerial survey equipment, including Vexcel cameras and Optech LiDAR

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Bluesky is a global provider of aerial survey and mapping services headquartered in the UK.  In 2017 Bluesky took over the very established Col-East Inc, and rebranded as Bluesky, bringing together quality, attention to detail and the most up to date survey technology to service the growing needs of the survey and GIS, all under one global brand. Bluesky also has offices in the UK, Ireland and India.

For over 65 years Col-East had been providing quality mapping and imagery throughout the northeastern United States. Our professional staff produced the best mapping and imagery products possible, and to delivered them on time. This has continued uninterrupted under the Bluesky name.

Aerial photography, LiDAR,  Topographic mapping, Thermal Mapping and Terrain Models, Orthophotos and 3D building models are just a few datasets from the range of advanced GIS and CAD data offered by Bluesky.  Airport mapping is a specialist services offered by Bluesky. We are a customer focused company dedicated to delivering first class, innovative geographic and aerial survey datasets and services at affordable prices.

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